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What will be addressed

We are ALL made up of energy. As we go through our days other people's energy can get onto ours. This can make us feel irritable and emotional.

 This clearing will help you any time you feel like you are not yourself.  

​Learn and identify your default energy

The phrase that will let you know you have someone else's energy on you

​How to protect yourself from taking on other people's energy

 The best way to clear your energy to feel like yourself again

Meet Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer

Danielle Ingenito

I believe that every woman has a power inside of her. A power that when tapped into can bring so much love and abundance into her life but there is a problem.

Most of these women's self worth has been destroyedthey do not see their value in this world let alone in relationships. 
They are settling for relationships that bring them down and make them feel like they are the problem and often find themselves wondering why they can't find the love they are looking for. 

Sound familiar?

With so much advice out there around what they should be doing and what they shouldn't, it can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed as you jump from therapist to healer and reading self help books all day long.

Which is why I decided to create an easy to follow process for my clients to be able to awaken to their self worth with a simple step by step intensive healing program.

Lots of love, Dee
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