Are You Still Healing From a Toxic Relationship?

The consequences of ending a toxic relationship can result in confusing feelings that can at times seem overwhelming. Do you find yourself ever feeling:

• Anxious
• Powerless
• Stuck

You’re not alone. Toxic relationships often make you feel unfulfilled and lonely. And when they end, the pain doesn’t stop there. You may understand that you deserve better, but do you really believe it?

Once a relationship ends, the heartbreak and dysfunction are often carried over to your next relationship.

Unless you learn how to take your pain and turn it into power.

I’m Danielle Ingenito, and I have first-hand experience with the pain and trauma that comes with being in a toxic relationship. Like you, I never intended to go into a relationship that was dysfunctional. But no matter how much I wanted a healthy and loving relationship, all I ever got was heartbreak that ended in depression and despair.

It took me too many years and relationships to break the cycle and heal from the patterns I was determined to no longer accept. I used a variety of modalities to dig deep and truly heal my heart and my head so I could be capable of creating and sustaining healthy relationships.

Now, I am a Certified Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Intuitive Master Healer, as well as an expert in healing after toxic relationships. I’ve utilized my own experiences along with my training to create a program that will allow you to not only be your best self in relationships, but to learn how to attract the right ones.

And the best part?

It doesn’t take years of therapy to course-correct and start living a more empowered life!

Are you ready to finally take control of your mindset and leave your toxic relationships in the past?

It’s Time to Kickstart a New, Emotionally Healthier You

I am here to guide you if you are truly ready to awaken your self worth and heal your heart.

The From Pain To Power Mentorship™ is an 8-week soul-awakening program where you will let go of past traumas, shift self-limiting beliefs, and awaken your self-worth. You have suffered enough through toxic relationships, and now it's time for you to shine!

In a few short weeks, you will understand yourself more, become more emotionally stable, clear your mind of past relationships, stop thinking so much, and you won't be scared of attracting another toxic person into your life. You will start seeing yourself differently by letting go of guilt and shame and fully accepting yourself for who you are.

Your past does NOT define you. Start building confidence in yourself to stop surviving and start thriving!

Imagine waking up each day and feeling empowered. Think about how it would feel if the relationships in your life brought you joy instead of pain and heartbreak. How much would it mean to you to have a life that feels lighter, with the burdens and heaviness of the past gone forever?

It's time to take control of your healing and breakthrough to ultimate empowerment. 

In just 8 short weeks, you can be fully transformed into a healthier and happy you. 

Aren’t you worth it?  

What My Client Says About the Mentorship

Leanne's Experience

"The Best Thing I got out of the Mentorship was Me"

This Mentorship is Perfect For You If...

> You have spent time in therapy and feel like you aren't getting anywhere

> You keep getting involved with toxic people

> You are always putting others needs before yours

>You do not love your self or accept your self for who you are

> You have been through a lot of emotional pain in the past, and it keeps coming up 

> You are ready to stop feeling numb inside

> You are done with being a people pleaser

> You are ready to let go of the negative thoughts that bring you down

> You suffer from depression or anxiety

This Mentorship is NOT for You If...

> You want a quick fix without putting any work into it

> You don't have 2 hours a week to dedicate to changing your life

> You are happy being miserable and letting people walk all over you

> You have spent a lot of time healing and feel like you are truly happy

> You already know how to manage your emotions and do not react to other people's behaviors

The From Pain to Power Mentorship™ Process

Take your power back with the LET IT GO Method™ —a 5 step process to healing your life with the power of your energy.

Step 1: Awareness 
It's all about where you are right now. You will come head to head with your Ego; you will start to recognize it, see it, and identify how the Ego is keeping you on the roller coaster of life.

Step 2. Identify the Root of the Issue
When you rip out the root, nothing can grow! The root is where all your struggles right now are coming from. Things in the past that have created subconscious beliefs and the situations where your energy is trapped. This trapped energy keeps pulling you back, leading you to believe you are not good enough. 

Step 3. Reprogram Limiting Belief's & Release Trapped Energy
Now that you have identified the root of the issue, it's time to rip it out. You will do this by shifting your mindset, reprogramming those subconscious beliefs, and releasing the energy that has been stuck in your energy field for so long. You will feel much lighter after this week.  

Step 4. Creating & Enforcing Boundaries
Boundaries are what protect you; they also teach people how to treat you. Many women will put walls up, so they don't get hurt again, but those walls come down in this step. If you have poor boundaries, you will feel overwhelmed, taken advantage of, or that people use you all the time. Once you can get on board with firm boundaries, your life will change drastically!

Step 5. Awakening Your Soul & Intuition
Now that you have released all those self-limiting beliefs, it's time to connect to your soul and intuition, the part of you that has no limits and is capable of anything you put your mind to. When you are trapped in your human mind, it is hard to connect to this part of you, but now it will all open up. This is where the magic in this program happens.

From Pain to Power Mentorship™ Testimonials

Shanna's Experience

"I was Skeptical at First, could we really get through all of this in 8 weeks...My Kids Have Noticed a Difference, I have Noticed a Difference, How can you Put a Price on your own Sanity?"

Maria's Experience

"It's so unreal to me that you are able to heal, and the way you work and do things is so much different than a counselor, you help me open things up that I didn't even talk to the counselor about"

Jennifer's Experience

"There are no words!  It's a Higher Guidance that comes through to help"

Heather's Experience

"It was the most amazing experience of my life...I feel in control and I don't let other people affect my life anymore"

Kitty's Experience

"Fear was my first thought when considering this program, is she for real? I never wanted something so bad in my life but I just knew Danielle was going to help me, I felt so at home with her group"

  • 8 Weekly Core Trainings (Lifetime Access) ($1,997 Value)
  • ​8 Weekly Intuitive Reiki Healings (Lifetime Access)($1,297 Value)
  • 7 Weekly Epiphany Journals ($597 Value)
  • ​8 Weekly Live Q&A Coaching Calls ($1597 Value)

Get the bonuses below by committing to your healing journey today!

Bonus #1
Private 1:1 Healing

($99 Value)
30 Minute Private 1:1 Breakthrough Energy Healing

This session will allow me to help you identify the root of the issue and release the energy around it.  These sessions are recorded and sent to you after the session. 
Bonus #2
Reiki 1 & 2 Certification

($249 Value)
Reiki 1 & 2 Certification

Heal yourself and loved ones!  
Reiki 1 allows you to heal your energy, and Reiki 2 allows you to heal others. After toxic relationships, our loved ones, such as our children, are usually suffering from the trauma and changes. Therefore, this Certification will allow you to help yourself and your loved ones to feel better too.
Bonus #3
21 Days to Opening Your Psychic Abilities 

($99 Value)
21 Days to Opening & Accelerating your Psychic Abilities Course

When you can connect to your intuition and your spirit guides, it helps you make better decisions. It helps you know who you are when you can channel information from the Divine source.

This course will help you connect more to yourself and your higher self, ensuring you stay true to what you want and who you are.
Bonus #4
Lifetime Access to the Reiki Vault

($997 Value)
Lifetime Access to the Reiki Vault Membership

The Reiki Vault has over 80 Reiki healings and teachings in the on demand library, with new healings coming every week.

Anytime you feel like you need something to help you release what you are feeling, you can dive into these healings to help you heal. You can also join me live every week for a Reiki healing. 
Bonus #5
Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group

($997 Value)
Lifetime Access to the Private Support Group

This online community is a PRIVATE Group for women in this Mentorship and allows you to form lifetime bonds with the women who have been through the Mentorship.

I also go live every week with a tarot reading for the group. This group gives you lifetime support from me; post your questions or hardships and get them answered.

Step 1 : Choose the Best Plan for You

Option 1 : Group Coaching Accelerator

  • 8 Weekly Core Trainings (Lifetime Access) ($1,997 Value)
  • ​8 Weekly Intuitive Reiki Healings (Lifetime Access)($1,297 Value)
  • 7 Weekly Epiphany Journals ($597 Value)
  • ​8 Weekly Live Q&A Coaching Calls ($1297 Value)
  • 1:1 Private 30 Minute Reiki Healing ($99 Value)
  • ​Reiki 1 & 2 Course & Certification ($249 Value)
  • 21 Days to Opening Your Psychic Abilities Course ($99 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Reiki Vault ~ On Demand Healings ($997 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Supportive FaceBook Community ($997 Value)
Total Value: $7,629
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $1,111
LifeTime Access & Certification Included 

Option 2: One-On-One VIP

  • 8 Weekly Core Trainings
    (Lifetime Access) ($1,997 Value)
  • ​8 Weekly Intuitive Reiki Healings
    (Lifetime Access) ($1,297 Value)
  • 7 Weekly Epiphany Journals ($597 Value)
  • ​8 Weekly Live Q&A Coaching Calls
    ($1297 Value)
  • ​4 1:1 Private 60 Minute Reiki Healing
    ($799 Value)
  • ​Reiki 1 & 2 Course & Certification 
    ($249 Value)
  • ​Reiki Master Course & Certification ($249)
  • 21 Days to Opening Your Psychic Abilities Course ($99 Value)
  • ​​21 Days to Accelerating Your Confidence Course ($99 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Reiki Vault 
    On Demand Healings ($997 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Supportive Facebook Community ($997 Value)
Total Value: $8,677
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $1,777

Option 3: Self Guided Express

  • 8 Weekly Core Trainings
    (Lifetime Access) ($1,997 Value)
  • ​8 Weekly Intuitive Reiki Healings
    (Lifetime Access) ($1,297 Value)
  • 7 Weekly Epiphany Journals ($597 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Reiki Vault 
    On Demand Healings ($997 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to Supportive Facebook Community ($997 Value)
Total Value: $5,885
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $555

About Danielle Ingenito

Expert in Healing After Toxic Relationships

Danielle believes that every woman deserves to feel loved, not only by others but by themselves. She guides women through a journey of self-discovery by healing their childhood, building their confidence, and awakening their self-worth.

She combines the power of energy healing and reprogramming subconscious beliefs to create a powerful transformation in her From Pain to Power Mentorship™ program.

Danielle is a certified Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master and Life Coach. She uses her knowledge but, most importantly, her experience to help women heal their lives after toxic relationships.

What Dee's Clients Have to Say

 Are You Ready For the Same Results??

Have Questions?
Answers to a few common questions below may help.


What Happens When I Sign Up?

Once you click the button and sign up, you will get immediate access to Week 1, which includes videos and a workbook so you can dive in right away. You will also get notified of our weekly calls if you signed up for Group or VIP Option and will be invited to our Private Facebook group. You will receive immediate access to The Reiki Vault for you to dive in to more healings! 


Can I do this on my own time?

Yes, the videos are released every week for 8 weeks. You can join the live calls or watch the replay of them in the Group Accelerator or VIP option. You have lifetime access to the course so you can watch the videos anytime you need to. You will also get 8 weeks access to The Reiki Vault which has over 80 teachings and healings you can use during the program.


How much time does it take to get the most out of the Mentorship?

The minimum time requirement would be 2 hours a week for the weekly videos and coaching call.  The journal will depend on how much you like to write or what comes up for you, plus the ability to do other healings in the Reiki Vault.  To get the most out of the course I would recommend putting about 3-5 hours a week aside.  This can all be done on your time and done in increments, except for the weekly coaching calls. 


When are the weekly Coaching Calls?

The weekly coaching calls are on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST.  If you can not attend live, you can send me your questions, and I can answer them on the call.  You will also be able to catch the replay in the course platform.  You are welcome to  post your questions in the private Facebook group, and I can answer them there too. 


Would this work for me if I am Still in a Toxic Relationship?

Yes!  I would usually recommend that you stay in the relationship until after the mentorship, unless it is physically or sexually abusive.  Through this Mentorship you will change, and sometimes that can change everything.  If you are with a true narcissist, then you will gain the strength to get out, and be strong enough to see through their manipulation when they say they will change.  You will get to a place where they don't trigger you anymore. Making it easier for you to know if you should stay or go! 


Do I have to Pay in Full or Can I pay Monthly?

There are 2 or 3 payment choices for each option. You can pay in full or you can make monthly payments.  I recommend you pay in full, because from my experience it gives you the push to show up fully and do the work to get the transformation you desire! 


Is there a Refund Policy?

We are confident that you will start seeing a change in the first week. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason within the first week we will issue you a 100% refund.

Still Have Questions....

I totally get it, I usually have questions when I am signing up for a Program like this, let me ease your mind! Let's jump on a 20 minute call to discuss any questions you have!
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